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To maintain the highest corporate governance standards, the Group has a number of guidelines on ethics, information disclosure, anticorruption and other areas.

Codes and Charters Access
Charter of Sistema JSFC (revision No.7 with amendments 2013) Download
Amendments No.2 to the Charter of Sistema JSFC (2013) Download
Charter of Sistema JSFC (revision No.7 with amendments 2012) Download
Amendment to the Charter (2012) Download
The Code of Ethics Download
Anticorruption Policy Download
Code of Corporate Governance Download
Whistleblowing Policy Download
Regulation of Sistema Dividend Policy Download
Information Policy Download
Provision of the BoD Download
Bylaw General Meeting of shareholders Download
Insider information list Download
Terms of reference Access
Terms of reference of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee Download
Terms of reference of the Auditing Commission Download
Terms of reference of the Corporate Secretary Download
Terms of reference of the Ethics and Control Committee Download
Terms of reference of the Nomination, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee Download
Terms of reference of the Strategy Committee Download
Terms of reference of Investor Relations and Dividend Policy Committee Download
Statute on the Complex of Internal Control and Audit Download
Statute on the Management Board Download
Regulation on Remuneration and Reimbursement Payable to Members of the Board of Directors Download
Regulation on the President of Sistema JSFC Download
Fee structure and the share of non-audit services in the external auditors' feeAccess
For 2014                                            Download
For 1H 2014Download
For 2013Download
For 1H 2013Download
For 2012Download
For 1H 2012Download
For 2011Download
For 1H 2011Download
For 2010Download
For 1H 2010Download
For 2009Download
For 2008Download
Additional Documents Access
Bank details of Sistema JSFC as at 13.02.12                                                   Download



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