Investments in Russia

Sistema is a major private investor in the real segment of Russia's economy. It has become an integral part of the evolution and establishment of many industries.


>13 sectors
of operation





>100 mln consumers
in Russia



Investments in economy

Sistema’s priority is effective investments in Russia’s economy. Investing in new and existing assets, Sistema demonstrates stable growth of the key business indicators.


>631 bln roubles of
revenues in 2014





>115 bln roubles of
investments in 2014



Investments in human capital

Sistema is one of the largest employers, taxpayers and corporate benefactors in Russia. The Group pays special attention to the investments in intellectual potential.


>145thousand of
employees in Russia





>300of social



Investments in Innovations

Sistema is the largest private investor in the knowledge-intensive industries of the Russian economy. The Group develops the pharmaceutical business, successfully invests in microelectronics and high tech.


>20 years in the
high-tech market