Binnopharm is a pharmaceutical company operating one of Russia's largest full-cycle facilities manufacturing biotechnological drugs in compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) international quality standards.

Business description

The company's priority production areas are development and mass manufacturing of drugs for treatment of socially important diseases (oncology, hematology, infectious and respiratory diseases).

Binnopharm comprises Alium assets – a modern facility for production of infusion solutions, and a distribution company – Binnopharm Distribution, in charge of distributing pharmaceuticals both for Binnopharm and for third-party manufacturers.

The company is developing biotech products that offer fundamentally new therapeutic capabilities, including the treatment of earlier incurable diseases (cancer, HIV, sclerosis) and new drug delivery nano-forms. Binnopharm's R&D Department develops unique biotech products that are currently delivered to the Russian market only by foreign manufacturers.

Over the past 6 years, Binnopharm has been covering the bulk of the state's demand for hepatitis vaccine. The company employs over 600 people, including a group of Russia's leading biotechnologists.

The main goal of the operating strategy is increasing the portfolio of proprietary drugs and efficiently utilising the main production lines: biotech line, aerosol line, and the lines producing solid dosage forms and infusion solutions.

The biotech line continues to produce Regevac B, erythropoietin β, and interferon active pharmaceutical ingredient. In 2015, the company will perform the second and the third phases of clinical trials for its proprietary biotech products: Interferon α2β and Erythropoietin α. It has a number of other products in the pipeline, to be developed in the mid term either in-house by the R&D Department, or in the format of technology transfer via acquisition of production licenses for new products.

Utilisation of aerosol and solid dosage form lines will be ensured by contract-based production for foreign pharmaceutical companies, and commencement of fabrication of generics.