MTS Bank is a banking business operating in Russia, offering a full range of financial services to individual and corporate clients. The Bank holds a strong position among Russia's largest banks, being a systemically important operator in the payment transfer, lending and savings market.

Business description

In the past three years, MTS Bank has strengthened its positions as a reliable savings institution. After expansion of the network of regional representative offices, the portfolio of retail deposits grew by 23% in average annual terms, overcoming negative market trends.

The Bank of Russia granted MTS Bank with a letter of accreditation for providing financial services to enterprises operating in priority and strategic industries. MTS Bank was included in the list of candidates for recapitalisation from the Deposit Insurance Agency approved by the Russian Government.

MTS Bank's capital adequacy ratio (N1.0) is 17.3%, being one of the highest in the Russian banking segment.

The strategy of MTS Bank is aimed at developing retail lending and transaction services for individuals. The Bank, however, does not intend to turn into a retail monoliner, maintaining moderate growth rates in the target corporate segments and retaining the corporate credit portfolio.

The Bank's operating strategy includes expanding cooperation with the mobile operator MTS. MTS Bank is widely using the operator's retail outlet chain and its IT infrastructure. In the future, the Bank and MTS intend to use a single database together, as part of the Big Data project aimed at mitigating risks, boosting sales and developing new projects.

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Capital adequacy ratio (N1.0)
>200 mln
Issued plastic cards


I. Filatov


V. Rozanov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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