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This segment is represented by a number of companies, the key ones being Leader-Invest, Business Nedvizhimost and Mosdachtrest. Sistema's strategy in real estate is focused on increasing the value of its portfolio and its subsequent monetisation through renting, development and sale.

Business description

Sistema's real estate portfolio has several focus areas: real estate management, development and management of Serebryany Bor real estate, which are represented by Business Nedvizhimost, Leader-Invest and Mosdachtrest, respectively.

At the end of 2014, Leader-Invest's project portfolio consisted of 12 housing properties with an aggregate area of 388,000 m2. Out of them, 6 properties with an aggregate area of 103,000 m2 are under construction: five are being built on former ATS sites and yet another one is the Lobachevsky housing development in the west of Moscow that consists of three multi-section apartment buildings. The company's work programme till 2020 envisages construction of 26 housing units in Moscow, mainly on former ATS sites.

Besides, Leader-Invest owns Moscow Business Incubator (MBI), which manages the project for construction of the Nagatino i-Land business park. MBI acts as an ordering customer, developer and investor of the Nagatino i-Land business park, a project for comprehensive development of a 32-hectare area in Nagatinskaya Poima.

Business Nedvizhimost has a unique pool of properties: mansions in the centre of Moscow, office and commercial space, business centres located almost in each district of the capital, manufacturing and storage facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region, and also 182 former ATS in Moscow. As of the end of 2014, it managed a portfolio of properties with a total area of over 772,000 m2.

Mosdachtrest is a managing company whose operations are mostly related to the lease and maintenance of cottages (in Serebryany Bor, Barvikha, Zhavoronki, Trudovaya) and office buildings in Moscow. The total cottage pool as of the end of 2014 exceeds 60,100 m2.


E. Rubtsov


F. Evtushenkov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Business Nedvizhimost:

I. Shabdurasulov


L. Monosov

Chairman of the Board of Directors


S. Gavrilenko


S. Drozdov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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