RTI Group is one of Russia’s largest industrial holdings, a developer and producer of high-tech products and infrastructure solutions using its own microelectronic technologies.

Business description

The facilities of RTI Group have their own R&D base and implement projects in the area of radio and space technologies, security systems, microelectronics and system integration, that are unique in terms of their scale and complexity. The Group's product portfolio comprises finished solutions for national defence, comprehensive communication and security systems, IT infrastructure, automation and optimisation of business processes, industrial microelectronics, smart cards and electronic carriers for passports and visas, and major defence projects of federal importance.

RTI Group combines the assets of RTI Systems Concern (defence industry), NIIME and Mikron (microelectronics), and NVision Group (systems integration).

The head company of RTI's Microelectronics Solutions segment is NIIME and Mikron ("Mikron"). Mikron is the largest microelectronics manufacturer in Russia by all indicators. Mikron's products are supplied to all regions of Russia and the CIS, up to 50m of its microchips per month are exported to Europe, USA and South-East Asia.

Currently, Mikron is implementing about 40 R&D projects aimed at developing and launching 100 new products. Some of these products may be introduced to the market in the nearest future.

RTI is successfully performing government defence projects, with the defence segment having the highest profit margin in the Group.

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By the volume of microchip sales among European full-cycle producers
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S. Boev


E. Novitsky

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Corporate website: http://www.oaorti.ru/