SG Trans


SG-trans is one of the leading rolling stock operators in Russia. The company operates 40% of the total LPG tank car fleet in Russia. Sistema has been developing the transportation business in partnership with Unirail since late 2012.

Business description

SG-trans has been operating in the Russian transportation market since 1959. SG-trans currently provides for 30% of the total railway transportation of oil and gas products, which is the largest share in the segment. SG-trans ranks №1 by the size of special car fleet for transportation of liquefied petroleum gas, with over 17 thousand railcars under management.

In the rating of Russia's largest railway operators, SG-trans ranks №7 by the size of car fleet under management, with over 34 thousand railcars, including tank cars for petroleum gas products, oil&petrol tank cars, tank containers, platforms and gondola cars.

Due to having a diversified car fleet, SG-trans renders a full range of transportation services for a wide variety of gas, oil, petrochemical, mining and construction cargoes across Russia and to Europe and the CIS countries.

8 branches of the company operate on the Russian railway roads; the company has an in-house chain of repair and testing stations and car maintenance centres. SG-trans is using this chain to develop the car maintenance segment to service its own cars, as well as the cars of third parties.

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In the LPG railway transportation segment
18 Years
Average age of oil cars
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