Sistema Mass-Media (SMM) is one of Russia's leading media holdings that manages media assets in the fields of pay TV, advertising, digital content distribution and VAS for telecom operators. SMM owns and manages TV Company Stream, Advertising Agency Maxima, LLC TsTV and Stream's multimedia entertainment service.

Business description

In 2014, SMM continued improving the efficiency of Sistema's media assets, ensuring SMM’s net income growth.

TVC Stream's channels retain leadership in terms of annual average audience coverage in most of the niche groups. The company is aggressively expanding its subscriber base in the Russian and CIS market. In 2014, its subscriber base gained 10.3%, reaching 11.8 mln subscribers.

In 2014, Stream, providing a universal multimedia entertainment service, in partnership with MTS continued to actively develop the GOOD’OK services launched in 2013 (a ring-back tone service, RBT) and MTS-Info (informational services for MTS subscribers) and started providing a new MTS-Pulse service (an entertainment application for mobile phones). In 2014, GOOD'OK was also launched for the subscribers of MTS Ukraine and MTS Belarus. Primary sales of RBT services for MTS subscribers in Russia gained 31% YoY.

SMM's strategy is aimed at further improving the efficiency and profitability of its traditional business segments and launching new businesses in the area of digital media and online advertising.

Given the developments in the market environment, TV Company Stream will focus on retaining its positions in Russia and increasing distribution in the CIS markets. The company is planning to launch and promote an international version of the Hunting and Fishing channel and special versions of channels for audiences abroad.

Stream's strategy envisages further development of VAS services for MTS, and developing A2P mobile advertising services, in partnership with the mobile operator.


G. Khasyanova


A. Abugov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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